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What we look for in a guide

We look for individuals with the following qualities: outgoing, adventurous, friendly (you MUST like interacting with people),  strong TEAM WORKERS, and hard working. The perks of the job are obvious - you get to live at the beach and get paid to play on the water!  But the work can be strenuous; kayaks and stand-up paddleboards are not light - and you lift and move A LOT of them, often in very hot conditions.  The days can often be long and exhausting.

We train extensively for the first couple weeks of our season and favor hiring guides who can stay later into the summer as we're very busy in August.  

If this kind of job seems like it's meant for you, then please send us a brief description of yourself as well as a few reasons why you think working at Coastal Explorations would be a good fit!

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