Our Guides

Hadley is an Outer Banks native, growing up in Duck and now residing in Corolla Village. Hadley graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BS in Environmental Science in 2003.  Since then you may have seen her on the beach, in the water, or walking barefoot with her yellow lab around the village.   She started up Coastal Explorations in 2008 and has been busy getting people on the water ever since!

Claire just graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in environmental science. She loves being outside and on the water whether that’s at the beach or in the mountains. She’s hoping to become a professional cartographer in the future but if she loses her way she may end up as a chef instead!

Hannah is from a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania and graduated from Mercyhurst University in 2015 with a degree in studio art, focusing on photography. She loves dogs, taking pictures, yoga, the mountains, traveling, and more dogs and hopes to grow a photography business in the future!

Nate is a Virginia transplant to the Outer Banks. When he’s not in Corolla he’s probably traveling through South America or the Caribbean working on his muy bueno Spanish skills. As a guide he brings his passion for the outdoors, especially swimming and surfing in the ocean.

Val (short for Valkyrie) joins us from the beautiful island of Maui where she was lucky enough to grow up! She brings her love of surfing to our east coast island. She also loves cooking, traveling, sharing a good laugh, and new adventures – like her first summer on the Outer Banks!

Will is a rising junior in the environmental science program at UNC-Chapel Hill (are you sensing a theme here?). He’s grown up in that small college town enjoying running, swimming, and hiking which is why he is drawn to studying ecology in the field. Those studies have led him to the mountains of North Carolina and Montana but this summer he’s excited to spend some time at the beach!

Zoe is a rising junior at (you guessed it) UNC-Chapel Hill where she’s studying economics and environmental science with plans to attend law school. She loves long distance running, especially half & full marathons and as a native New Yorker she enjoys skiing those upstate mountains.

Junebug loves the water and spends as much of her time as possible perfecting her doggy paddle stroke. Her numerous talents include (but are not limited to) swimming, retrieving, eating treats, receiving belly rubs, napping, chewing, and blowing minds with her cuteness. We’re very excited to showcase her talents this year at Coastal Ex!

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